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Our History

Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1953 by the dentists Dr. Jean Bausch (1884 - 1966) and his son, Dr. Hans Bausch (1928 - 1998).
Supported by his father, Dr. Hans Bausch studied dentistry at the University of Cologne, Germany after World War II. After tireless work in his own laboratory, he succeeded in developing a unique articulating paper which marks intensively on moist surfaces. “Bausch Articulating Paper” with progressive color transfer, a revolutionary product at this time, was immediately accepted by dentists around the world.

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Dr. Hans Bausch

Dr. Jean Bausch


The proven Articulating Paper BK 01 was the first articulating paper to display different masticatory forces in shaded colors. This principle of progressive color transfer is still an important aid for making premature contacts visible.


Advertisement from  1965


Mrs. Evelyn Bausch, wife of Dr. Hans Bausch, joined the company in 1961.

Evelyn Bausch not only played a major role in creating the identity of our company, but also represented us and our products at exhibitions and congresses in 5 continents.


After more than 50 years in the dental industry, Evelyn Bausch decided to withdraw from the daily business. 


All our products are manufactured strictly in compliance with the ISO 13485 and are constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance Department. 


Since 1998, André and Peter Bausch (sons of Dr. Hans Bausch and Evelyn Bausch) are the Managing Directors of Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG.

Their leadership led to a growth of the company as well as to the establishment of subsidiaries in Brazil, Japan and Korea.

Both Peter and André are constantly travelling to exhibitions around the world to represent their company.


In addition Peter Bausch is an advisory board member of the Association of the German Dental Industry VDDI.


As a family business in its second generation, we will continue to focus on innovation and consistent further development of our products in the future.

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