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Bite Registration Material


Based on decades of experience in the manufacture of articulation and occlusion test materials, the new product Arti-Bite, a new intraoral vinyl polysiloxane bite registration material, has now been added to the product range.


In various areas of dentistry, the material is suitable for registering occlusal conditions as well as for restorative and prosthetic treatments.


In the development of Arti-Bite, Bausch focused on user-friendliness, which is achieved through the high quality of the raw materials.


Five outstanding features reflect the main advantages of Arti-Bite:


  • detailed representation of the occlusal contacts

  • short setting time of 30 seconds 

  • less than 0.1% shrinkage and is dimensionally stable 

  • due to the hardness of 92 Shore A, Arti-Bite is easy to rework in the dental laboratory

  • balanced viscosity to make the material easy to process 


Arti-Bite is a high quality product that not only achieves precise results but also facilitates daily work.

Technical data:

  • Color: dark blue

  • Mixing ratio 1:1

  • Setting time in the mouth: 30 sec.

  • Dimensional change after 24h: ≤-0.4%

Due to regulatory requirements, Arti-Bite is not available in the EU, UK, Switzerland and the United States.

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