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Arti-Ceram Articulating Paper


Bausch Arti-Ceram Articulating Paper green 200 µm and 100 µm


In order to achieve an optimal colour adaption to the natural tooth substance, various types of ceramic are available, such as glass ceramic, zirconia ceramic and feldspathic ceramic. These materials are used for (temporary) crowns as well as for inlays and onlays and can be highly polished for an outstanding aesthetics. However, there are challenges for dentists when adjusting the occlusion with these highly polished materials, which are often produced using CAD/CAM technologies, as traditional occlusion test materials are often ineffective for checking the occlusion.

In order to be able to identify premature contacts effectively, we have addressed this problem intensively and decided for the proven colour GREEN, which has been established in dental technology for decades. This colour offers the decisive advantage of being clearly visible and rich in contrast on the aesthetic highly polished surfaces of these ceramics due to special colour pigments. Our Arti-Ceram product is available in two thicknesses, 200µm and 100µm, in strips and in horseshoe shape, and enables a precise adjustment of the occlusion to ensure the best possible function and aesthetics.

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Arti-Pink Bite Wax

ArtiPink_Piktogramm Kopie.jpg

Arti-Pink Bite Wax by Bausch is used for precise bite registration and enables the exact reproduction of contours in the intercuspation. It is characterised by its excellent modelling properties. With a thickness of 3 mm, this extra hard wax is not only available as a 150 mm x 80 mm plate, but also in oval shape in the prefabricated sizes S, M and L.

In order to use Arti-Pink Bite Wax, heat the extra hard wax in hot water until it reaches a melting temperature of approx. 55° C. This makes it shapeable and ready for use for a precise bite registration.

Arti-Pink Bite Waxの使用。

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Arti-Fol metallic Complete 12µ


アルティフォル メタリック コンプリート BK 328は、 実績のあるアルティフォル メタリックフィルム 黒/赤 と、衛生的に完璧な厚紙ホルダーを組み合わせた ものです。

アルティフォル メタリックコンプリートは、その特殊 な形状により、左側または右側で個別に使用する ことも、歯列弓全体で一緒に使用することもできま す。 


最新技術のメタルフィルム(Shimstock フィルム12 ミクロン)と、微細の地色顔料を使用した両面カ ラーコーティングの組み合わせにより、すべての咬 合接触点をくっきりマーキングします。


アルティフォル メタリック コンプリートBK328 は、さ まざまな材質の咬合面と歯の接触点を正確かつ はっきりマークします。


本製品は、静的および動的な咬合スプリント(ブラ キシズム)でも効率的な咬合調整を可能にし、異な る2色により1つのフィルムだけで連続してマークを 付けることができます。


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OccluSense - デジタル咬合