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Universe of Madness mods Your Wildest Dreams Ultimate Edition POWER UP by: One of the most requested mods: Your Wildest Dreams – Ultimate Edition. Thanks to all of you, we’re able to finally release this mod which includes all content from Your Wildest Dreams, Unlock and Rar! This mod has been re-edited to work on all platforms and with all future DLC. The mod can be installed through Steam Workshop and works with most games. New Content added: Narrative & Stages Map Changes Weapon Changes new levels visual enhancements New weapons New crosshairs and reticles Automap fixes Scenario & Level Changes Aesthetic Changes Entertainment & Rewards New Stages Gameplay Changes Voiceover changes Graphics Changes Housing Changes For the game lovers, this is the ultimate edition of Your Wildest Dreams. All the changes, bug fixes and new features are included in this mod. New Stuff 1. Unlockable Stages 2. Stages have been redesigned 3. Various Stages have been added 4. Switching to different Stages is also possible 5. Various objects have been added 6. Changes to existing Stages 7. Gameplay has been reworked 8. New Weapons 9. Weapons have been reworked 10. Crosshairs have been reworked 11. Battle animations have been reworked 12. Narrative has been fixed 13. Many game events have been fixed 14. Audio has been reworked 15. Bug fixes 16. Your Wildest Dreams – Ultimate Edition is now a stand alone mod Steam Workshop 1. Unzip the archive and copy it to the installation directory of your game (Game folder). 2. Run Your Wildest Dreams Ultimate Edition again to install the mod. 3. Set the path for your Steamworks to the directory where you unzipped the archive. 4. Go to Steam > Settings > Activate a product on Steam 5. Paste the URL (




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Unlock 16d4s Rar
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